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Authentic and Nutricious Six Taco Deal like mom and gradma cooks in Mexico. Chicken or Vegetarian $20 OR TRY it ALL Meaty beef/Pork/Chicken $24 Free Salsas on the side. Tres Tacos with Fried Plantain
Choose your favorite tacos’ flavours and enjoy them delicious Plantain. Free Salsas on the side. $17
Tres Tacos with Yuca Frita
3 tacos with crispy Yuca. Fan and tasty. Free Salsas on the side. $17
Tres Tacos with Fries
Choose your favorite tacos’ flavours and enjoy them delicious Plantain. Free Salsas on the side. $16
Gurmet Lamb Birria Tacos
Barbacoa Mexiquense in Tacos. Tender Lamb slowly cooked with its own juice for 10 hours with secret spices for unique taste.
Three Fully Loaded $18 ADD side Guacamole for $3 Extra Taco $6 One $7

Fully Loaded Tacos
Enjoy your favorite 3 tacos fully loaded tacos beef, chicharron or other with spicy guacamole, onions and cilantro and fresh salsas to enjoy it. $18
Due Taco Combo and Pozole
Share six tacos with a Guacamole kit for dinner. Choose your tacos, beef, chicken pork or vegetarian. $40
Taco Party TAQUIZA (4 People)
A Complete combo! 3 toppings meat or veggie, Mexican Rice, Beans, Fries, Tortillas, Chips and salsas. $65 OR Double the size $120 (8-10 people

Large Guacamole and Chips Delicious Guacamole with a hint of Jalapeno, onions, lime juice and some salt. Enjoy it with some fresh tortilla chips, red sauce and pico de gallo. $13

A large apetizer with a little bit of everything. Plantain, Yuca Frita, Chicharron, Chorizo, Guacamole and Tortillas Chips and Salsas. $25
An delicious fried pork rinds crunchy and tender full of flavour. You can eat it alone or some fresh tortillas and spicy salsas. This is a great appetizer to share. $10
SPECIAL DEAL Six Taco to Share
Enjoy 3 types of chicken Tacos, potatoes w/ Chorizo or conbined with vegetarian options. $20. Add Extra Tacos for $4 each. OR TRY it ALL Meaty beef/Pork/Chicken $24 Free Salsas on the side.
Yuca to Share
Delicious Yuca also called cassava with Chipotle on the side to enjoy it. The Perfect Latino Fries!
$ 8

Empanadas Picadillo ( beef) OR Chicken Fresh handmade corn empanadas 100% Gluten Free. Stuffed with Picadillo beef OR Tinga or Combine. $12

Large Guacamole OR Small
Creamy avocado with cilantro, onion , touch of jalapeno and sprinkle of queso fresco. Full of vitamins and healthy fats.
Small $5 Grande $10
Platanos Fritos – Fried Plantain
Enjoy this nutritions appetirzer that Latino moms recommend. It is very rich source of fiber, vitamins A, C magnesium and potassium. but the most important, its delicious,$8
Vegetarian Nachos for Everyone. Fresh cut tortillas deep fried, fully loaded with vegetables, beans, fresh cheese and sour cream with 2 salsas on the side for you to enjoy it. $18 Nachos for everyone, fresh cut tortilla 100% gluten free. Fully loaded with vegetables, beans, and your favorite topping whether is chicken Tinga OR Chorizo OR Pastor. $18 Refried beans. Enjoy creamy caramilize onions beans on the side. Perfect to enjoy it with spicy food. $5 Papas Fritas. Enjoy these potatoes fries crispy and nice to enjoy with spicy sauce or just salt. $7
The famous and favorite Mexican’s soup with hominy, pork, guajillo and lots of taste. A reenergize type of soup with lots of flavor.
Chica $7
– Grande $10
Ajiaco Soup
A Colombian favorite soup, chicken soup with potatoes, corn and chunks of chicken breast. Perfect homemade chicken soup.
Chica/Small $7– Grande/large $10

Birria Lamb Soup
From south of Mexico, try this slow cooked lamb soup with chick peas, guajillo, epazote and some extra spices to create super flavor! Chica/Small $7 or Large/Grande$13

Aztec’s soup
Tasty tortilla soup with chicken breast, tortilla chips, some epazote spice for extra taste garnished with cheese.
Chica/Small $6 – Grande/Large $10
Mexican Style Mondongo / Pancita. Only weekends enjoy this delicious soup made from diced tripe slow-cooked with guajillo salsa, cilantro, onions and chick peas. Small $8 Large $15 Sopa de Camaron
Only Weekends Feel the sea with this delicious soup make of shrim and some veggies for you to enjoy. Some dry chilies to give flavor, mildly spicy Sm/Chica $8 large $15
Puchero Latino
Delicious beef soup with vegetables and Latin spices, a hearth warming soup full of nutrients and flavor. $13

Hot Tamale Homemade style of your choice Green Sauce with pork OR Mole con Pollo. Ask your server availability of flavors.

Two Mex-Empanadas with Salad Side.
The perfect beef taco trio loaded with guacamole, onions, cilantro, salsas, and limes. $14
Trio Taco Plantain
Three tacos of your choice with sweet anutritios plantain on the side $18
Birria Trio Quesadilla
Tender lamb cook for 12 hours in 2 soft tortilla melted mozzarela cheese and a halthy Lamb soup full of flavor $20
Pozole trio combo
Mom's recipe to reenergize delicious pozole , guajillo , corn hominy and chunks of meat. Plus 2 Carnitas taco ( Mex Pull pork) $20
Authentic Mexican Food
Beef Fajitas
Sizzling fajitas of your choice beef or chorizo or chicken with fresh slices of sweet papers and onion. Serve with rice, beans, warm corn tortillas and spicy sauces. $19
Chicken Fajitas
Sizzling fajitas of your choice beef or chorizo or chicken with fresh slices of sweet papers and onion. Serve with rice, beans, warm corn tortillas and spicy sauces. $19
Sancho Fajitas
Slices of authentic chorizo (beef-pork) on sauté with bell peppers and caramelize onions. Serve with rice and refried beans fresh tortillas. On the side salsas and side of guacamole. $18
El Ranchero
Feeling hungry? Enjoy this complete meal,thin slices of steak Mex Style with 2 eggs of your choice, refried beans and tasty Mexican rice. tortilla chips and fresh salsas. $20
Bistec Latino
Enjoy this homier dish. 2 slices of beef and served with Mexican rice with 1 egg and fresh mix salad on the side.
$18 Add fries or soup $4
Enchiladas Verdes
Green Tomato, jalapeno, cilantro and some spices this tasty sauce on top of 3 freshtortillas stuffed with chicken with a sprinkle of queso fresco and sour cream. $16 Add Rice OR Beans $3

Enchiladas Rojas
Red Tomato sauce with red dry chiles and some spices all over 3 fresh Tortillas stuffed with chicken tinga and top it with queso fresco, sour cream and some cilantro with onions for extra flavor.$16
Add Rice OR Beans $3

Enchiladas de Mole
100% Make at our restaurant. Chile Ancho and Pasilla with chocolate, cinammon, peanuts and tons of spices to create a creamy, spicy and tasty flavor. Addictive spiciness and the sweetness. $18 Add Rice $3 Rice or Beans


Tres Tacos Plate
Choose your 3 favorite tacos fully loaded with your stuffing: pork , chicken or beef or veggies. Combine or all the same. On the side Mexican rice and Beans. Free Salsas on the side. $16
Tostadas Plate
Crispy tostadas with 2 of your favorite combinations whether si chicken or pork or chorizo. Mexican Rice and Beans on the side. Unique flavour and very light to enjoy it. $15

Tres Tostadas
A Mexican's favorite fun meal. Fully loaded 3 crispy tostadas with layer of refried caramelize beans with lots of veggies and your favorite topping Chicken OR Pork OR Chorizo. Different or 3 the same. Your choice! $17
A Mexican Fiesta
Try it ALL! 2 Tacos of your choice, Quesadilla and Tinga tostada and Tortilla Chips $19
Or Make it Vegan or Vegetarian.
Tacos Dorados / Flautas
Crispy tacos stuffed with chicken breast top it with fresh cheese and sour cream. Crispy and delicious! With lots of fresh crispy letucce.

Mexican Empanadas
Three Mexican corn turnovers stuffed with your favourite toppings: chicken OR pork OR Chorizo OR Vegetables and loaded with fresh vegetables, queso fresco and sour cream $17
Delicious sauce of beans with caramelize onions on top of fresh tortillas stuffed with mozzarella cheese. Top it with queso fresco, sour cream and onions. Nice delicious dish full of fiber and flavor. $16

Sopes - Picaditas
Corn patties with refried beans, lots of crispy vegetables and top it with meat chicken or pork or beef and fresh cheese and sour cream. $17

TrioTaco fully loaded
Tres tacos with your favorite choice: beef or carnitas or chorizo or carnitas or pastor with onions, cilantro, salsas and fresh guacamole. $17
Gorditas or Popusas
Nice corn patties freshly made by hand and stuffed with cheese or chicken or pork or chorizo. $17
Tres Quesadillas
Fresh corn tortilla with mozzarella cheese stuffed with your favorite toppings: cochinita pibil OR chicken tinga OR chorizo OR veggies
Enfrijoladas con Chorizo
Super tasty 3 tortillas bathed with bean sauce, stuffed with cheese and top it with chorizo. $18
Pollo con Mole
Most popular dish! chicken with mole with unique ingredients chocolate, chile ancho and secret spices. On the side tasty refried beans and Mexican rice. $18 ** Has Peanuts
Mole Verde
Chicken with a super healthy and tasty pumpkin seeds sauce with green tomatoes, jalapeño and secret spices. On the side Mexican rice and beans. Fresh Tortillas. $18
La Yucateca
Cochinita Pibil  from South of Mexico, Cochinita Pibil slowly cooked with a secret recipe. It come with rice, beans and tortillas. $18
Pollo en Adobo Guajillo
Grandma favorite! Chicken with chile guajillo adobo sauce ( no spicy) with some potatoes and full of color and flavor. on the side Mexican /Rice and Beans. $18
Chicharron en Salsa Verde
Delicious homemade tomatillo green sauce with pork rinds, cactus, epazote and jalapeno. On the side rice and beans to balance the spicyness. Fresh tortillas if you wish to eat it like tacos $17
 Chorizo with Cactus
Tender cactus with homemade style beef chorizo with spices, guajillo sauce and some spices. Rice and beans on the side with fresh tortillas to enjoy. $17
 Costillas en Mole Verde
Pumkin seeds with Tomatillo sauce blend with some spices to create a unique flavor pour on soft tender pork ribs for you to enjoy. Accompained with side rice or beans $18
Meatballs con Chipotle Sauce
Delicious spicy chipotle tomato sauce with meatballs garnished with refried beans and rice. Fresh Tortillas on the side $16

 Chilaquiles Breakfast
Enjoy the Red tomatoes and Green tomatoes Sauces combined in a delicious fresh crispy tortillas. Nicely loaded with cheese, sour crean, cilantro and onions. $16
Chilaquiles Plate and slice of steak.
Your choice RED or GREEN spicy and tasty sauce on a saute of fresh cut fried tortillas. On the side rice, beans, steak. $20
Chilaquiles Rojos OR Verdes con Pollo
Fresh tortillas chips bathed in a super addictive spicy red sauce with loaded with cheese and sour cream, onions, cilantro and chicken breast shreaded $18
 Chilaquiles con Bistec Rojos OR Verdes
Fresh tortillas chips bathed in a super Tasty addictive spicy red sauce with loaded with cheese and sour cream to cool it off. $18

La Fiesta Latina Restaurant
A party of Mexican and Latin Flavours
565 Somerset Street W. Ottawa. K1R 5K2 Ontario.
Restaurant: 613-712-1717

atina is a Mexican Latino Restaurant that offers authentic dishes colorful and rich on flavour for everyone. We want to bring families, friends, singles all together to one place to enjoy the pleasures of life eating delicious, make memories and have a good time with our food and friendly atmosphere. We live multicultural city and our menu caters any type of clientele: food lovers, vegetarians, healthy conscious, spicy lovers and for those who want to experience something new, different and tasty.Our Mission is to be the best restaurant in Ottawa and be part of the community, so when you visit La Fiesta Latina, you feel welcome and happy! We will strive to offer you Great Food, Quality Service, New Friendships, Memories, Cooking Lessons and a Complete Fun Experience for Everyone.